Whether you operate a small sole proprietorship or a large general construction corporation, we have markets that will fit your needs.
These are required by Statute or Ordinance to make certain the licensee will conform to the Ordinances or Laws relating to the business in which they are engaged.
A government subsidized bond program that will assist by putting up to 80-90% guarantee which acts as collateral to help your company get bonded.
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Welcome to Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services
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Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services is pleased to offer our clientele and prospective clientele a full range of bonds and insurance products.  PBIS offers your company the ultimate in personalized service, with your own Custom-made Bond Program.  The advantages of working with Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services are:

  • A variety of bond markets and programs to meet your needs
  • Access to Fifteen Surety Companies: T-Listed and A-rated
  • Competitive Rates and Increased Bond Lines
  • Performance, Payment, Subdivision, Court, all License and Permit Bond
  • While Standard Markets are available for the experienced construction firms, we also have several Specialty Bond Markets that underwrite "Outside the Box"
  • One of our most popular markets is the Small Business Administration (SBA) Bond Guarantee Program, a government subsidized bond program that will: Assist by putting up to 80-90% guarantee which acts as collateral to help your company get bonded.  SBA Has flexible underwriting guidelines; helping with problems such as, credit history, working capital solutions and track record experience.  Most importantly, SBA offers a single maximum bond limit of $6,500,000 on all projects or up to $10,000,000 on federal projects (under certain conditions); there is a lot of room to grow.

In the bonding business, waiting is a waste of time.  Our company helps you with an application to begin the bond acquisition process. Approvals are waiting for most applicants.  Before you know it, your application can be approved and you will almost instantly sign an agreement between your company and the bonding company.

First Time Bond Responses Within One Week

We are your key to writing surety bonds.  Our website is designed to make surety production easy for you.

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